Nov 15 13 11:18 AM

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A Theory:

Very bad people who actually do - do dirty deeds, in order to sabotage a situation - to force or cause something to happen -- that in the end will benefit them, is a fact of life.

When people start to notice a whole lot of "coincidental" other factors -- that also seem to lead up to that same conclusion or result, they begin to get suspicious.

When people start to point these things out to others, if anyone is listening, and it's possible there could be some truth to it being that situation, then conversation about it begins.
If it's important to others, and it goes public, it seems there are all sorts of things that begin to happen -- that will eventually work -- to silence the original observation.

People notice this as well, and start to point these things out, and this is when the craziness begins.
Suddenly the group that is working to discover the truth or reveal the suspicious "coincidences" for what they really could be -- is labelled with a mocking name.
If suspicions and conversation continue to mount, eventually somehow, the whole matter gets tossed over into that messy pile of madness, called "conspiracy theory".
At some point the crazies begin to get involved -- adding all sorts of further "evidence" that truly does begin to make the whole matter sound laughable.

What starts out as a rational observation of certain things that just don't seem to be adding up, or do seem to be adding up -- turns into a joke, a circus, with the original players and the rational participants becoming embarrassed to even be associated with the group.
The rational walk away, the crazies take over, and at some point the whole matter just loses credibility and gets lost in the annals of historical madness.

That's my take on how "Conspiracy Theories" develop, from what was once a rational observation of some things -- that just seemed odd, and people had begun to ask questions.

Fair enough?

But we are still left with the reality -- that very suspicious things, sometimes, seem to work together as one, to create a situation...  that no one is completely able to stop, until it is too late.

As an example, I will say, that from the very first day that GWBII took high office, 
I KNEW he was going to find a way to get us involved back with Iraq, and somehow complete the deed that his daddy had laid the groundwork for -- eight years earlier.  
I KNEW that family wanted to get their grubby hands on Iraqi's oil.

And so I sat and watched as things unfolded, watched the events of 9/11.
Saw GWBII aptly use the media to raise support -- using the emotions of the people -- to justify an invasion of Iraq, and do it masterfully.
What I KNEW he was going to do, he did, as I screamed and screamed inside, and the citizens of the "great" United States fell for it, hook, line, and sinker.

Now we know better.
We know there was no connection between people using "razor blades" to use a plane as a missle, to Iraq having "Weapons of Mass Destruction".
Razor blades are not WMD's, and Iraq had no WMD's.
But GWBII -- succeeded in his dastardly plan.  And that ole Haliburton Company the Georges were associated with -- is now heavily involved in the development and control of Iraq's oil supply.

It's just an example of how "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" -- are successfully accomplished without discovery -- by use of the ability of the doers of the deeds -- to silence any of the protesters that arise.

People who work in collusion to accomplish things that are blatantly wrong, as far as their effects on society at large, are also wise enough to keep their dirty mouths shut.
They join forces, without having to say a word.
They use big money to bribe others into their ring of effort, and no words need to be spoken.  
They are not an actual "group", and each is working for his or her own particular gain from it at present, or in the end, and they all know what they are doing, but they never say a word.
And they all work to silence any suspicious effort from the public to discover what the real story is.
So they use mockery.  
And I suspect they sometimes disguise themselves as one of the crazies in the suspicious crowd, to help push the effort into the land of "conspiracy theory craziness".

So I'd like to hear other people's opinion on this "theory".
There are a lot of people out there who sit back and quietly observe for years, until eventually they figure out how the whole mess evolves.
From the Kennedy assassination, to the Apollo missions that many doubt, to 9/11 and Iraq, to H.A.A.R.P. and weather control, to Oil Companies, and Global Warming, to Chemtrails... we all have our suspicions.

Suspicions become theories, and good and bad men exist.  Dirty deeds are accomplished, and the general public rarely, if ever, figures out the real truth.

This is my theory of Dirty Deeds and How They Succeed, and the Efforts to Discover Them -- Swatted Down Like Flies.

Anyone want to partake?